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Hair Extensions in Middlesbrough, Stockton and Yarm

We offer a full range of hair extension options, for both short and long term applications. No need to wait for your hair to grow out before experimenting with a longer style; get the look you want today!

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The rings come in a range of different colours, so we can match them to your hair. They are also small enough that they will be completely camouflaged by your hair; no-one will ever know you're wearing extensions.


Hair bonded with keratin is inserted into small rings along with sections of your own hair, then a special tool is used to fix in place. Perfect for more brittle hair or sensitive scalps; no heat or glue is used in this method of application. Removal is extremely quick and easy, so you can change your style as often as you'd like!

Micro Ring Extensions

The perfect long term extension choice. They can last for up to a year if maintained properly, and we are happy to move them as your hair grows. An extremely small ring size means they are near-invisible even in fine hair, and as this system requires no heat, bonding materials, or chemical treatments it's kind to your hair and scalp.

Mini Strands/Mini Locks

By wrapping and rolling warmed keratin tips around the small sections of hair; once cooled this creates a strong bond that holds the extension in place. Removal is done by using a specialist tool that allows bonding to be simply combed out, making it an extremely gentle extension choice.

Pre-Bonded Extensions

Also referred to as fusion extension, loose strands of extension hair are bonded to small sections of hair with a glue gun. These can last up to 6 months if the hair is looked after, but cannot be moved up and would require total removal and re application for for continued use. Removal involves chemical solution and should always be done by our professionals to avoid damage to the natural hair.

The most natural of our extension options, this method entails taking sections of clients natural hair and making a plait approximately 1 inch long then stitching the hair to the bottom of the plait. This type of extension can last up to 6 months

Glue Extensions

Plaited Extensions

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Hair Extensions in Middlesbrough by Dawn Moran

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Hollywood Weft

Is a lace headed weft, the weft is securely sewn into the hair and micro rings are attached to the hair. We serve Middlesbrough, Eaglescliffe & across Stockton. Contact Hair Extensions by Dawn Moran to find out more.